Eco-Echo Poetics on the Move – Under Western Skies 2014
Co-Curators: Dr. Donia Mounsef (U of Alberta) & Dr. Natalie Meisner (Mount Royal U)

These pre-recorded poems/performance pieces practice a gentle kind of artistic hacking by repurposing ecologically significant or interesting urban sites around Calgary as their set or backdrop. Rather than perform live readings, the artists have made their work available via downloadable audio recording. You can travel to the chosen sites and/or listen to the pieces at your own convenience.

Artist: Micheline Maylor
Title: “Three Dogs and an Old Man” – “Landscape is Alchemical”
Location: Sandy Beach Dog Park (50th Ave. SW)


Artist: Dymphony Dronyk
Title: “From Sawmill to Festival Grounds”
Location: Prince’s Island Park

Prince's Island

Artist: Rosemary Griebel
Title: “Of Memory & Place: East Village”
Location: Calgary’s East Village


Artist: Richard Harrison
Title: “The Flooding of My Home / The Flooding of the Saddledome.”
Location: The Saddledome


Artist: Natalie Meisner
Title: “Water/Front: A Meditation on Living at the Water’s Edge.”
Location: Glenmore Reservoir

glenmore reservoir

Artist: Donia Mounsef
Title: “Bite and Hold: The Eco-Poetics of Stolen Land”
Location: The Currie Barracks


Artist: Juleta Severson-Baker
Title: “Ring Road”
Location: North Glenmore Park / Weaselhead


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